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Broken download link?

If you're trying to download your products but some links do not work, chances are we have updated these products after you received your download links. Please simply request a new updates e-mail.

Looking for legacy products?

We are constantly moving forward and developing new software, making it even more amazing than before. Since we started back in 2006, some of our products have been discontinued – but many of them have worthy replacements:

  • Circuit replaced by Molecule.
  • Deep replaced by Cluster.
  • Diffusion replaced by Alternator.
  • Dynamo and Gateboy replaced by Inertia.
  • Filther replaced by Atom.
  • Oscillator replaced by Zap.
  • Strobe replaced by Switch.
  • Transformer replaced by Turbo.
  • Frequency, Reactive, Space Oscillator had no replacements but one day that will change :-)