Who are we?

Who are we?

Founded in 2006, Sinevibes is a boutique developer of innovative music software. Our goal is to bring you inspiring new sound creation and manipulation techniques with beautifully designed user interfaces.

Our portfolio

We are also collaborating with multiple industry-leading hardware and software manufacturers, aiding the development of their amazing instruments - find out more in our portfolio below.


  • TV tuning effect algorithm for vjay iOS app.
  • Bitcrusher and LFO gate effect algorithms for djay iOS app.
  • DSP licensing and custom development, sound design, development team management and consulting for Zone synthesizer plugin.
  • DSP licensing for Gaffel effect plugin.
  • Part of factory patches for Monark synthesizer plugin.
  • Part of patches for Massive Kore Soundpacks vol. 1 & 2.
  • Part of factory patches for Massive synthesizer plugin.
  • DSP licensing, custom development, consulting for Arcade instrument plugin.
  • DSP licensing, custom development, consulting for Movement effect plugin.
  • Part of factory sounds for JUPITER-80.
  • Part of factory sounds for JUNO-Gi.
  • Part of patches, live sets and patterns for Fantom-G OS 1.5.
  • Part of factory patches for GAIA SH-01.
  • Licensing of Fantom Tweakbook and V-Synth Tweakbook for distribution in Japan.
  • Online seminars and sound demos for Fantom-G.
  • Fantom-G demo at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2008.
  • Part of factory patches and live sets for Fantom-G.
  • Part of factory patches for JUNO-G.
  • Part of factory waveforms, patches and rhythm kits for V-Synth OS 2.0 and V-Synth XT.
  • Part of factory patches for Fantom-X OS 2.0.
  • Factory demo track and samples for Fantom-Xa.
  • DSP licensing for Boost Pro effect plugin.
  • DSP licensing and consulting for Boost effect plugin.
  • Part of patches for Bob Moog Tribute library for Omnisphere synthesizer.
  • Variable Waveshaping DSP Synthesis algorithms for Omnisphere synthesizer.