Who are we?

Founded in 2006, Sinevibes specializes in designing and building innovative music software. The company strives to create original products that deliver unique new sound technologies while at the same time being extremely intuitive and easy to use. Sinevibes is also actively collaborating with other highly respected brands and its developments can be found in multiple well-known hardware and software products - including those made by Dreadbox, KORG, Native Instruments, Output, Roland, Spectrasonics to name but a few. We are also proud to have a vast and loyal user base with countless award-winning music producers - visit our artists page to find out more.

About the founder

Born in 1981 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Artemiy Pavlov received higher education in applied physics while spending his spare time producing music and experimenting with audio synthesis. He’s been involved with sound design, DSP engineering and user interface design since 2004, not only running his own highly-regarded software brand Sinevibes, but also collaborating with the industry’s top hardware and software manufacturers. Inspired by frequent journeys and studying cultures around Europe, Artemiy strives to bring unique innovations into every detail of his creative work.

Our portfolio


  • TV tuning effect algorithm for vjay
  • Bitcrusher and LFO gate effect algorithms for djay


  • DSP licensing for Zenith
  • DSP licensing for NUXX
  • DSP licensing, consulting and sound design for Zone


  • DSP licensing for Space
  • DSP licensing and consulting for Pluto


  • DSP licensing for Nymphes
  • DSP licensing and consulting for Darkness
  • DSP licensing, consulting and custom development for NYX v2 firmware 2.0
  • Product co-design, consulting, DSP licensing and custom development, sound design for Typhon


  • DSP licensing for Oberheim SEM
  • DSP licensing for OB-E v2
  • DSP licensing for M-Tron MkII


  • DSP licensing for Gaffel


  • Nano virtual analog synthesis engine for drumlogue
  • Subsix and Alterations sound packs for opsix
  • Factory sound design for minilogue xd
  • "Deep Dive" sound bank for minilogue


  • Part of factory patches for Monark
  • Part of patches for Massive Kore Soundpacks vol. 1 & 2
  • Part of factory patches for Massive


  • Sinevibes sound bank for Peak and Summit
  • Sinevibes sound bank for Bass Station II


  • DSP licensing for Thermal
  • DSP licensing for Portal
  • DSP licensing, custom development, consulting for Arcade
  • DSP licensing, custom development, consulting for Movement


  • Part of factory sounds for JUPITER-80
  • Part of factory sounds for JUNO-Gi
  • Part of patches, live sets and patterns for Fantom-G OS 1.5
  • Part of factory patches for GAIA SH-01
  • Licensing of Fantom-X and V-Synth sound design books
  • Online seminars and sound demos for Fantom-G
  • Fantom-G demo at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2008
  • Part of factory patches and live sets for Fantom-G
  • Part of factory patches for JUNO-G
  • Part of factory waveforms, patches and rhythm kits for V-Synth OS 2.0 and V-Synth XT
  • Part of factory patches for Fantom-X OS 2.0
  • Factory demo track and samples for Fantom-Xa


  • DSP licensing for Boost Pro
  • DSP licensing and consulting for Boost


  • DSP licensing for Soundpaint


  • DSP licensing and custom development for Capsule


  • Part of patches for Bob Moog Tribute library for Omnisphere
  • Variable Waveshaping DSP Synthesis algorithms for Omnisphere


  • Graphic design, DSP licensing, consulting and custom development for Astra