New Mac plugin: Luminance v2
19 March 2021

Our legendary shimmer reverb is back, and it's a big upgrade: thoroughly redesigned DSP engine, an all-new user interface with scalability and built-in preset manager, plus added VST3 plugin format.

Albedo 1.5.0 for KORG
25 February 2021

We have just released a huge update for our granular cloud reverb for KORG synthesizers: featuring reverse grain playback mode, increased grain size adjustment range, and more.

New KORG plugin: Droplet
18 February 2021

We are happy to release our new plugin for KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1: Droplet raindrop delay. It is capable of a huge variety of lush delay/reverb effects with unison-like sound character and huge dimension.

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The sound of heaven, version two:
Luminance v2 is now available


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