KORG Blend v2
4 January 2024

Major upgrade for our famed multi-voice chorus is now available for KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1. The new version is based on a 4-layer stereo chorus design, includes sound-fattening features like per-channel feedback and crosstalk, and also offers a much extended parameter range.

New plugin: Switch v3
8 December 2023

We are excited to release our all-new gate sequencer effect plugin for Mac and Windows. Based on a high-precision step sequencer with polymetric and polyrhythmic abilities, this is a very simple yet very handy effect that has many applications on almost any kind of sound.

Eternal v2 tempo sync update
20 October 2023

A new update is out for our Eternal v2 barber-pole flanger effect plugin for Mac and Windows. The big news: the frequency parameter can now be set as a host tempo fraction, also with transport location sync of the flanger motion. The update also makes the stereo phase offset bipolar, and is built against an upgraded internal framework.

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Lush and dreamy stereo chorus:
Blend v2 for KORG synthesizers


The gate sequencer is back:
Switch v3 now available


Four new KORG FX plugins:
Hollow, Isomer, Luminance, Vibrant


Vague: binaural time diffusion
Our most unique modulation plugin yet