New Mac plugin: Dispersion v2
27 August 2021

We are happy to announce the return of our original bouncing ball delay for Mac: the new version capable of a whole universe of unusual yet musically rich effects which simultaneously combine the characteristics of delay, reverb, chorus ensemble, and stereo widening.

Update: Albedo 1.1.0 for Mac
5 August 2021

The new version of our granular cloud reverb greatly expands the plugin's feature set to include a multi-mode state-variable filter before the buffer recording stage, a sine LFO for modulating grain speed and size, many cool new presets – and much more.

New Mac plugin: Corrosion v2
26 July 2021

The new version of our highly versatile multi-algorithm distortion effect brings an all-new DSP engine with a total of 15 curves, a built-in noise gate, and all the goodies you have come to expect from our latest plugins - such as the addition of the VST3 format, scalable UI, and a built-in preset manager.

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The return of the bouncing ball delay:
Dispersion v2 is now available


We have some big news:
all plugins now include AAX format