New Mac plugin: Eternal v2
27 May 2021

We are happy to release the next generation of our barber-pole flanger for Mac: and it's more flexible and good-looking than ever. This plugin produces a wide variety of delicious spectrum sweeps – plus unusual chorus, pitch shift, and stereo widening effects.

New Mac plugin: Dipole v2
26 April 2021

We have just released the next generation of our through-zero flanger! This plugin produces charismatic flanging, chorusing and psychedelic stereo widening effects, and the update brings a host of useful new features.

New Mac plugin: Luminance v2
19 March 2021

Our legendary shimmer reverb is back, and it's a big upgrade: thoroughly redesigned DSP engine, an all-new user interface with scalability and built-in preset manager, plus added VST3 plugin format.

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World's most delicious-sounding flanger:
Eternal v2 is out now


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