Sinevibes at Superbooth
4 May 2023

See you at Superbooth 2023 next week! Visit the KORG booth E100 to check out our very latest plugin developments running on minilogue xd, drumlogue and NTS-1. Meet the Sinevibes founder Artemiy Pavlov and ask him any questions.

Dense for KORG
20 April 2023

We're happy to introduce our new vintage virtual analog oscillator plugin for KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1. Thanks to four layered oscillators, four pitch drift modulators, and a total of 50 sound source combinations, Dense can produce a myriad beautiful vintage-style sounds that are full of life and organic movement.

Vague - binaural time diffusion
21 December 2022

We are excited to release Vague for Mac and Windows, probably our most unique modulation plugin yet. It’s a very special diffusion and transient blur effect with interesting binaural capabilities, granular-like output timeline control, and deep modulation options. Available now in AAX, AU and VST formats.

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Superbooth 2023 interview with Cuckoo:
Sinevibes plugins for KORG instruments


Digital core, analog character
Introducing KORG Dense oscillator plugin


Vague: binaural time diffusion
Our most unique modulation plugin yet


Through zero and beyond:
Dipole v2 for KORG synthesizers is out now