AAX and Apple Silicon
21 November 2022

All of our desktop plugins recently got new builds with native Apple Silicon support in the Pro Tools AAX format on the Mac. While Pro Tools with Apple Silicon support is actually not yet available, we recommend that you request and install the new packages just to make sure you're fully prepared when Avid does release such an update

Dipole v2 for KORG
14 November 2022

We are happy to introduce the second generation of our through-zero flanger effect for KORG synthesizers! The new version merges two plugin into one, adds true stereo processing, offers better level balance, and also allows for higher feedback amounts thanks to built-in self-compensation.

Stator - tape wobble simulator
3 June 2022

Our new creative effect models multiple different speed fluctuation sources in cassette tape players including wow, flutter, scrape flutter - as well as stereo widening and crosstalk phasing. Just like all of our new-generation plugins, Stator comes in AAX, AU and VST3 formats.

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Through zero and beyond:
Dipole v2 for KORG synthesizers is out now


Modulation effect for beautiful tape vibes:
Stator for Mac/Windows is now available


Warp it, scratch it, glitch it:
the new Skew for Mac/Windows is out