Fraction audio slicing workstation

FORMAT: Audio Unit plugin for macOS 10.6.8+

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Fraction is a plugin for deep on-the-fly remixing and mangling of sound. It features 8x independent slicers which record and repeat short pieces of incoming audio at defined points in time, either mixing with or replacing the original input. Each slicer has options for variable trigger probability and intelligent randomization for producing infinite variations in the arrangement instead of repeating the same loop over and over. Fraction also includes as many as 24x multi-effect processors (three for every slicer) with a diverse collection of finely tuned algorithms, plus effect parameter animation hard-linked to slicer’s timing. With such immense power Fraction is not just a great tool for intricate stutters, fills, breaks and transitions – it’s more like a little sampling groovebox that operates fully in real time.



  • 8x audio slice repeaters with individual size, repeat count, playback direction and trigger probability.
  • Intelligent real-time randomization functions with adaptive random number distribution.
  • 3x serial effect processors per slice, each with 16 types: low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-reject filters, phaser, barber-pole phaser, positive and negative flangers, chorus, bit depth and sample rate reduction, analog drive, circuit-bent filter, frequency shifter, pitch shifter, ring modulator.
  • Per-slice output stage with separate duck/mix setting, gate time, pan and level.
  • 4x parameter animation generators per slice, hard-linked to slice repeat timing.


  • Color-coded graphics with subtle animations.
  • Live input audio waveform for visual slice marker placement.
  • Fully hardware-accelerated rendering with support for retina screen resolution.
  • Multiple utility and randomization functions.
  • Additional functionality and haptic feedback available on compatible trackpads.


  • Works with any application that supports Audio Unit effect plugins.
  • Supports OS X 10.6 or later running on 32 or 64 bit Intel Macs.

Audio examples

Jungle breakbeat first processed with dry slice repeaters, then with animated effects
Techno loop from Elektron Digitakt processed with 5 different Fraction presets
House loop processed with 6 different Fraction presets
Four-bar dubstep beat processed with 4 different Fraction presets
Two different Fraction presets working on a monophonic synth bassline
An example showing trigger probability and randomization of slice size and repeat count
Acoustic drum break with seven slice repeaters gradually added in
Distorted electric guitar going into three different Fraction presets
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