What's happening?

We are moving fast into the future. But don't worry – we're taking you with us!


Starting from clean felt like the only right way for us, even if it was the most radical way. We are very inspired to develop all-new products for you, and having a fresh start will dramatically accelerate this process.

New plugins

Since March 2020, we have been working on a whole new technical foundation for our plugins, which will serve as the basis of dozens of new products in the next decade. This enables us to ship awesome new features and make the plugins available in more formats. Many of our previously available products will soon receive a major new version based on this foundation. Please stay tuned!

Legacy plugins

While our previous Mac plugin lineup is discontinued - it is not abandoned! We will soon be shipping updated versions which are built with compatibility for both Intel and Apple Silicon architectures. We will still have them available for download for all customers that purchased them at any time in the past. Older builds which work with even older macOS versions (10.6, 10.7, 10.8) will also still be available.