How to use a discount code

If you have a coupon for use in our store, here's how to apply it:

  • Choose to buy a product or a bundle that the coupon can be used with
  • Enter your e-mail and other information as required
  • When you see your order total, click the Add Coupon link
  • Enter the coupon code and proceed with your payment

Educational discounts

We offer special discounts both to students and faculty members. Please send us an e-mail specifying the details of the educational institution you're studying or working at, and we will get back to you with a coupon code.

License conditions

In case you're wondering – yes, you can use our software on multiple computers or synthesizers. You can install them on any device that you personally own.

Return policy

We have a simple return policy – we can refund your order within 14 days after purchase. There are no special conditions – just e-mail us and tell us you'd like a refund, that's all.

Privacy policy

We do not track website visitors. When you buy a product from us, we only store your e-mail in our database – so that you can request your product download links to be sent to you at any time in the future. We do not store any data apart from your e-mail, not even your name.