Luminance shimmer reverb

AU + VST3 + AAX plugin for Mac

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Luminance is a plugin for creating “shimmer reverb” effects - unreal acoustic space simulations which gradually pitch-shift the reverberation tail upwards or downwards. It is a novel take on this highly coveted effect, based on a modern feedback delay network design with a built-in granular pitch shifter, and featuring many original tricks such as alternating-phase time scale modulation. Thanks to the unique, meticulously executed tuning of its individual components, Luminance possesses a fresh and highly musical character: it smoothly follows the original melodic content and creates a gorgeously beautiful background sound layer reminiscent of a dreamy symphony of strings or pipe organs – with organic depth and expansive stereo field.



  • Reverb engine based on 8x8 feedback delay network with spline interpolation and smoothly variable time scale
  • Granular pitch shifter and two-pole low-pass filter for shimmer effect shaping
  • Sine generator for time scale modulation, with unique alternating-polarity routing
  • Additional pre-delay stage
  • Lag filters on all continuous parameters for smooth, click-free adjustment
  • Supports mono › mono, mono › stereo, and stereo › stereo channel configurations


  • Color-coded graphic elements
  • Consistent name, mapping, value, and unit implemented for all parameters in both graphic user interface and host control/automation
  • Built-in preset management functions
  • Supports window size scaling up to 200%


  • Mac computer running macOS 10.9 or later, with either Intel or Apple processor
  • Host application with support for AU, VST3 or AAX effect plugins in 64-bit format
Leave it to Sinevibes to bring something new and fascinating. Combining Sinevibes’ algorithmic prowess and trademark intuitive interface design, Luminance will open up new dimensions in anyone’s reverb repertoire. – Ask Audio
Luminance has the advantage of sounding unique, utterly beautiful, and with a clear, simple interface [...] It’s probably the most accessible take I’ve seen on the idea, and the results sound modern and fresh without being too unfamiliar. In short: it’s some dreamy sauce you can add easily to anything. – Create Digital Music