Shift frequency shifter

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Shift is a Bode frequency shifter plugin for KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1. It is modeled after the analog frequency shifter circuit that was originally developed in 1960s by the German engineer Harald Bode. This algorithm shifts each frequency partial in the input by an equal amount up or down in the spectrum, thus changing the original frequency ratios between the partials – and making the output sound more and more atonal, non-pitched.



  • Studio-grade DSP algorithms, calibrated specifically for KORG’s hardware platform.
  • Individually chosen mapping for every plugin parameter, providing a very natural feel.
  • Built-in lag filters for noise-free, ultra-smooth parameter adjustment.
  • Optimized for maximum performance and stability on each individual device type.


  • KORG prologue
  • KORG minilogue xd
  • KORG Nu:Tekt NTS-1

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