Bent bent-wave modulation synthesis


Bent is an oscillator plugin for KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1. It implements a novel synthesis method called “bent-wave modulation”, developed by Sinevibes. Bent combines a classic modulator-carrier pair of sine oscillators with a unique “bender” module which changes the modulator signal’s curvature, phase, and time symmetry. Despite its digital nature, bent-wave modulation produces sounds more akin to a mix of two synchronized and filtered analog oscillators – with smooth, elastic waveform morphing. Due to its specific density and rounded curvature, Bent also forms a perfect symbiosis with Korg’s resonant low-pass filter, creating sounds with incredible plasticity.



  • Two sine oscillators with unique module that “bends” curvature, phase, and time symmetry before the frequency modulation stage.
  • Five different output waveforms with variable shape and harmonic balance.
  • Built-in lag filters for noise-free, ultra-smooth parameter adjustment and modulation.
  • Built-in LFO with widely adjustable frequency (0.1 to 10 Hz).
  • Built-in envelope generator with widely adjustable attack and decay times (1 ms to 10 s).


  • KORG prologue
  • KORG minilogue xd
  • KORG NTS-1


  • Bent plugin in prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1 formats
  • 16 example patches in prologue and minilogue xd formats
  • User Manual PDF
  • Multi Engine Preset Converter utility

Listen to audio examples

Bass Drive  0:15
Bent Curve  0:55
Cold Keys  0:17
Evil Sweep  0:20
Fatty Acid  0:18
Lush Waves  0:19
Venus Dawn  0:26