Groove multitimbral bass & drum machine

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Groove is a multitimbral bass and drum machine for KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1. It’s the most complex and sophisticated multi engine plugin ever developed, employing a network of 14 DSP blocks that reconfigure themselves in real time. Using such immense power, Groove maps bass, drum and percussion instruments onto 7 separate keyboard zones, turning your synthesizer into a self-contained, groovebox-style sound module. Each zone provides a vast library of carefully crafted sound presets with expressive control, and includes a switch for variable trigger probability – an advanced function which can dramatically liven up bass riffs and drum patterns. Groove also has a specially designed output stage with unusually punchy dynamics – making this plugin fully production- and performance-ready.







  • Multitimbral sound engine with 7 keyboard zones generating bass, drum and percussion instruments.
  • Advanced network of 14 DSP blocks that reconfigures itself in real time, capable of multiple different synthesis methods: three-operator FM, subtractive, lo-fi, and beyond.
  • Internal library of 90+ carefully crafted, production-ready sounds with individual expression control assignments.
  • Trigger probability feature that can be enabled individually per each zone.
  • Specially configured amplifier stage delivering punchy, high-RMS output – as if the sounds were compressed.


  • KORG prologue
  • KORG minilogue xd
  • KORG NTS-1


Listen to audio examples

Same four-bar sequencer pattern recorded with four different sets of Groove sounds on KORG NTS-1
Same four-bar sequencer pattern recorded with four different sets of Groove sounds on KORG prologue
Simple house pattern on KORG minilogue xd – with multiple filter and envelope tweaks
One-bar pattern showing polyphonic zone processing using VCF drive and EG modulation on KORG minilogue xd
One-bar pattern showing variable trigger probability and expression control on KORG minilogue xd